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About us


DML – Digital Media Link is a visualization, animation and advanced technology studio with a fresh and very creative approach.

We deliver effective and at the same time very expressive solutions based on valuable content and latest technology.


We know how to engage the user and onboard him into the reality of a brand, product, event, idea or complex issue that should be clearly explained.

What we offer?

Apps and games

AR - augmented reality | VR - virtual reality | MR - mixed reality | Automation control apps | Gaming

3D visualizations and animations

Visualizations of spaces, buildings, interiors | 3D object modeling and animation thereof

2D animations

Animated info-graphics | Explainer videos | Character design | Motion comics


Production | Post-production | VFX (special effects) | Match moving | Product videos

Why our solutions are effective?


Because we use communication techniques which are based on Three Elements that allow us to take the full advantage of the potential present in each raised issue:

The Idea

or context framework of the history being shown. The idea should be easy to understand and to remember, creating an immediate association with the key issue being presented.

The Content

valuable, unique, adapted to the recipient and clearly linked with the idea.

The Form

attractive presentation, fitting the story being told and at the same time outstanding and in sync with other elements.

Check out our works to get better idea about what we do and how we do it

They trusted us

The Team


DML – Digital Media Link is a dedicated team of people who got together in order to deliver superior quality solution and at the same time maintain very lean organizational structure.


Each member of the team has unique knowledge and skills supported by long time practical experience in their fields of expertise (content marketing, programming, computer engineering, 2D and 3D graphics, animation, video-production).


Thanks to specialized skills and selection of personnel matched with project requirements
with no doubt we created within our team a perfect blend of marketing and new technology skills on the Polish market.


Łukasz is a graduate of the New Media Department of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and DML media house founder active in this line of business since 2010. He manages company administrative affairs on a daily basis and on the top of that he is involved in the company projects delivering 3D graphics, animations, rendering, light engineering and shaders in 3D environment. In his spare time he develops his C# programming skills.

Łukasz Dąbrowski

3D Graphic & Animation Expert

Adam might be best described as the engine propelling the space shuttle which is our studio - he is responsible for production of software and apps. His tasks include analyses, definition of requirements, design, implementation and evolutionary development of our software. While not coding, he is also doing 3D modeling, texture mapping and animations. A graduate of the Faculty of Information Technology of the European University of Economics and Information Technology in Warsaw specialized in software engineering.

Adam Smolec

Software Engineer

Contact with us


We will be glad to answer any questions, discuss future projects and show you what should be done to get the most out of it.