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Bravo Bank Augmented Reality (Brawo Bank AR)

AR – augmented reality
About project

First prize in 2017 Company Bulletin Competition (external bulletin category) Brawo Bank AR (version extended by augmented reality) won by PKO Bank Polski SA.


The augmented reality app was launched during PKO Bank Polski SA press conference in 2016. Brawo Bank AR is a key element of a modern and complex economic education program for children run by PKO Bank Polski SA.



Create an opportunity for extended education of children in the area of finances within the framework of “Brawo Bank” publication present on the market in three versions: paper, electronic and mobile. Adapt financial knowledge to children’s perception and introduce children to the world of finance by implementing the idea of “learn while playing” in an attractive, modern and accessible way from an early age.



Implementation of an engaging application using AR (augmented reality) technology that gives access to additional content in a three-dimensional way. All you need to do is install the Brawo Bank AR application on your tablet or smart-phone and to access extra content aim the device camera at the appropriate pages while browsing the printed version of the magazine. Bravo Bank AR tells an engaging story anchored on various pages of the publication. To experience the whole story, the user has to solve a series of puzzles – each of them allows an access to the next one, bringing the user closer and closer to the final.

Kasia is the main character of the story and she guides us around the world of Brawo Bank. She is known to the children from previous editions of the bulletin. Among various tasks which are to be performed by the user are exciting riddles, three-dimensional verbal puzzles, mathematical problems which need to be solved as well as mini-games like for example a maze through which the player has to roll a snowball by moving device sideways or up and down.


Install Brawo Bank AR app from App Store or Google Play:



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