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Pressurized inhaler

AR – augmented reality
About project

An application showing the comparison between efficacy of a drug used to control asthma and COPD symptoms applied through an inhaler using latest technology and similar drugs used for the same purpose but applied through standard inhalers.



To show that pressurized inhaler using latest technology is simple to use and delivers the drug in an efficient manner even if patient lacks ideal coordination of breath intake and manual administration of the drug, thus providing an effective treatment of asthma and COPD symptoms.



An interactive app displaying on mobile devices 3D models in augmented reality environ. A visually attractive product leaflet serves as a primer setting off display of objects on the screen

This app is being used daily by 75 medical representatives throughout the whole country to present the content provided by us.

The app has few modules which provide:

  • presentation of the construction of an inhaler using latest technology together with detailed description of its parts and an option to compare those with the construction of standard inhaler.
  • presentation of an inhalation process and an action of the drug when either modern inhaler using latest technology or a standard inhaler is used. All this is shown by using semi-transparent model of human being with visible lungs.
  • presentation of facts and figures, results of scientific research and data on drug performance in the form of a slide show and appropriate 3D models.