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An ointment to treat osteoarthritis pain

AR – augmented reality
About project

An app presenting medication in form of granules dissolved in a glass of water in order to prepare suspension for oral administration of the drug used to relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis.



To present in simple and attractive form pain relief achieved after administration of the drug. This app was intended as a marketing tool for sales representatives to raise an interest in the product among medical professionals.



An interactive AR (augmented reality) application displaying on all kind of mobile devices 3D model of human leg (with an option to view all layers – the skin, muscle tissue and bones) and mode of action of the pain relieving drug. A visually attractive product leaflet serves as a primer setting off display of objects on the screen. The app has been equipped with various functionalities allowing the user to animate human leg model by moving special slider – restricted movement and full range movement after administration of the drug which is activated by provided button displaying product logo.